“Choice, the nuance of what exactly are you choosing? I have written often and practiced too, that we are always choosing, even when we choose to make no choice.

Choice, the nuance of what exactly are you choosing?

The question today is to connect to what exactly are we choosing when we make our choices. We are in fact choosing the underlying vibrations that we perceive will arise from the choice we make.

We may think that it is the physical act that we are choosing AND it is the vibration that will arise as a result of the physical action, THAT IS the choice we make.

It is the vibration game all the way through, even when we are not consciously engaging in it. So given that this is the case, then why not play THIS game and play it full out. Do so with full awareness and align our vibrations to what we intend to be the outcome of our experiences of living this life or even living in each moment.

Make a conscious choice. Choose the vibrations you want to BE in and allow the actions to unfold, then be in your magical flow.

It is “fruits of your choices, NOT fruits of your labour”. Choose your vibrations, and be in their flow. Stop laboring. Enjoy the juiciness and deliciousness of the fruits of your choices.”

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