“Be in your element, what does this even mean? What element are we talking about here, when we use this phrase?

Be in your element, what does this even mean?

The ELEMENT is equivalent to the filament in a light bulb. It is the element that illuminates when we are plugged into our innate unique glow. It is the element that we shine through. It is that which lights us up and expresses us in our flow, beaming out putting an end to even the darkest of hours.

Being in our element is to be lit up, alight and alive in full self expression of our calling, in our truth, walking our path, illuminating and rising high above all obstacles and blocks that are automatically set aside.

Recognize that you too have your own filament and when you are switched on, you are ON, it is the end of darkness when you shine your light.

Connect, plug in and beam on your light. BE in your element!!”

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