“What ever you give energy to you get more of. You give energy to the joy in a situation you get more of that. You focus your attention on the gravity or the upset or the distress or the discomfort or the anger in a situation you get more situations to multiply these emotions.

What ever you give energy to you get more of

In any circumstance, the good, the bad, the ugly the beautiful; you can always find something to be grateful about, something to appreciate and something to rejoice. It may only be a sliver, catch on to that and be in its presence and experience and then cast your net wide.

Become a gratitude hunter. Look out of all that you can be grateful for, cast your net wider and further and deeper, seek out every moment, every little incident you can be grateful for. As you do this, you will start feeling the that warm, fuzzy happy feeling emerge in your gut and start moving towards your heart.

Then start the process of celebrating each of these moments of gratitude you found, you hunted and captured. In your own way let the celebrations begin. Then one thing leads to another and what ever happens in your world can no longer remain in your world, You become infectious and spread this happiness like wild fire.

The world around you transforms as a result. You are the cause in the matter of spreading the vibration of rejoice, gratitude, unbridled happiness and joy.

At times this will emanate from the most dire circumstances, all just because you seemed out that sliver of happiness and multiplied it until it developed its own momentum and grew a guzzilion fold.

Enjoy the process, the key is absolute total awareness of what you are present to Try it and share your magic.”

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