“Your mission impossible should you wish to take it, spread the joy of happiness across the globe. Are you ready for this. Here is guide on how you can go about this.

Happiness = Reality- Expectations

My son Sai says Happiness is an equation. Happiness = Reality- Expectations. As long as reality exceeds expectations people are happy. He applies this in his life and his work. He keeps his eyes on the ball of maintaining the balance right.

Given this is the formula for Happiness, how about having no expectations at all and allowing life to flow in the way it does. Reality will always exceed expectations and its Happiness galore.

How about using the time you may have spent in juggling reality and expectations to become a gratitude hunter instead. Hunting in every corner in every event in every moment all that you can be grateful for. It’s Happiness sealed delivered and sustained. It’s Peace delivered and sustained. You firmly step into LOVE the innate state of being human.

The combined vibrations of Happiness, Gratitude, Peace and LOVE generate within you the highest frequency of all vibrations. You rise and unite with your higher self.

The range of light beaming out from your congruent presence on the earth is so expansive that it holographically touches and transforms millions of beings around the globe.
All you have to do is to BE HAPPY focussing on reality, then connect to GRATITUDE in each moment, then step into PEACE as gratitude takes hold, finally embody and bask in the LOVE that you are. QED mission accomplished.”

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