Illness is a matter of choice.  It is true that from time to time, you may feel dis ease and your body may require additional rest or maybe fighting off an infection.  All of these are passing phases. 

Remaining ill for a prolonged period of time is a choice you make.  This choice is held as an instruction in your cellular vibrations.  And even when you are fully healed, illness returns in another form and the cycle of remaining ill continues. 

Even in the moment of severe discomfort you can give permission to your cells, to become disease free.  YOU can inform them that you have made your choice to fill your cells with vibrant vitality and any and all vibrations that do not match this frequency may leave with ease and grace.

Tune yourself to this feeling of enjoying and embodying vibrant vitality and fill it up in your smile.  As you swallow your smile it reaches into your cells and they too start tuning into this frequency. 

Do this as often as you can and see your self stepping out of the diseased armor into pristine health.  Its your right and its your choice.  The trigger control is with you.


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