Now its time to connect to the whales. They showed up in shoals in my dreams last night and here is their message for us:

“We are the record keepers of the planet. We are the reminder to connect to your inner truth. We come up for air and breathe out in a spray then dive deep in to live our life ad we play. This is our cycle of coming alive. Come out for breath dive deep to connect and reconnect then come up for air again.

As we dive deep, we assimilate and absorb the messages carried by the oceans, take in the sounds of our world around us and as we rise coming up for air, we absorb the nourishment and spray out that which does not serve. We birth our young one and feed and nourish them, nurture then like you do as humans.

We sing our song to connect and communicate to one another. We spread the resonance of our wisdom through the sound frequencies that holographically spread out into the world and recalibrate its vibrations. That s is our job to realign the vibrational grid of the planet to become a place of enlightenment, welcoming the new breed of enlightened souls taking birth on this plane.
Activating the frequencies of enlightenment in the beings that populate the planet now.
We invite you, those of you who get it and understand the power of being in the vibration of being your truth and living out loud, spreading your magical presence.

Each one you that starts to enter your realm on being your truth, you spread the vibrations of gratitude and inner peace in each breath you take, every sound you make. You join our clan in the resurgence of this planet as a place of pure love and joy. A place where the enlightened souls gather and emanate their divinity and share their divine wisdom with the whole universe and multiverses.

We welcome you aboard in singing the songs of freedom, dancing the dance of rejoice and resurrection, swimming spraying flowing in delight, putting an end to delusion and perception based reactions. It’s time to connect and be your truth, Be in the true essence of you. We thank you.”We thank you.”

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