“To detox and unload old baggage LAUGH. Laugh like no ones watching, Laugh your heart out. Laugh till your guts start to hurt. Practice different forms of laughing, a throatal laugh, a laugh from your gut,, a laugh just emanating from your mouth, a hearty laugh and a belly laugh.

Laugh like no ones watching

Pick 10 objects and look at each one, find the funny feature and just laugh, see it becoming even funnier. Look at the mirror, and see all the fantastically funny aspects of you, remember those funny nuances that are plain silly. Just try it out for the heck of having a good laugh. Laugh Laugh Laugh till you can laugh no more.

Laughing is the BIGEST and the QUICKEST healer and detoxifier of all ailments. Dark energies, negative forces, lower forms of vibrations held by beings we recognize as bacteria, parasites and and other implants, do not know where to go or what to do. It is a MASSIVE pattern interrupt to their plans and they are left with no choice but to leave your terrain and depart.

As this occurs you have a huge surge in your internal life-force and experience a huge expansiveness in your being which opens the flood gates of powerful healing light from the earth and the divine cosmic blessings from above. Keep going, do it intensively if you are in great pain for a few days. do it for 20 minutes every day to maintain your super shiny happy healthy terrain. Just LAUGH.

Remember there is no baggage allowed on the flight you are on now, so go ahead LAUGH.”

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