“Rejoicing Celebrating Rejuvenating Recognizing and Magnifying Celebrations. Today is the day, the first day of the rest of your life. It’s the day you unplug and make your definitive choice to come alive.

Live, breathe, be and rejoice

Live, breathe, be and rejoice, Create your own festivities as you step in and emerge into your own light. The Gold is beaming, the banquet is laid out, guests are cheering and welcoming you to step forward and emerge into your uniqueness as you embrace your might.

You light up and adorn a divine glow that is uniquely yours to keep and share as much as you care. We are all just happy that you made your choice for you to show up and spread your wings wide.

It’s party time, celebration time marking the arrival of you in your absolute majestic magnificence.

Declare today as the Festival of Glory, where you are the glorified one that is glowing, beaming and sprinkling your sparkling smiles. Happy YOU day, its today and every day, rejoice, celebrate, share and spread your glowing light.”

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