Today we arrived at Bellagio on Lake Como. A place we have spent many summers at, when my son was little. I have fond memories of walking up and down the beautiful cobbled roads and steps.

Living with awareness is living in joy

Today it carried a powerful reminder of the words we choose and the effect it has on our experiences which formulate our world for us. Here is the message I received:

“Living with awareness is living in joy. Being aware of all that is around you, in you, with you, and within you in any moment. Being in the presence of this awareness, starts to unblock your connection to your spirit and lifts you above the aches, pains and victimhood of unfortunate circumstances.

Your words are a reflection of the vibrations you are embodying at any point in time. What you say to another you say to your self. What you say to yourself you say to others.

Your words reflect your world, the frequency of the vibrations you embody at any point in time. Your vibrations are magnetic and you attract more of the same.

So live with awareness and choose your words wisely. What is your word du jour ? The word that reflects your vibes today, what is it?

Change it, enhance it, embrace it, most importantly embody it into your being. Enjoy the journey continue the practice of awareness as your day unfolds. Enjoy”

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