“Love for you before you be the love for another. The key is to understand that you are love. When you treat love as an entity that you provide for another. You become removed from it and keep a distance from it.

Love for you before you be the love for another

As a human your prarabdh, your divine destiny is love. You are a being of love. When you have love as something that is once removed from you, is to distance yourself from that which you were born into.

It takes some work and your focus and attention deviates away from that which is your highest good. The love you provide another or others is incomplete and can sometimes leave you incomplete and drained.

When you step into that which you are and be the love you seek or give, and give it all to you, you become and eternal fountain of love that can be shared generously. You activate the ongoing replenishment of this eternal fountain of you that is love.”

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