Tonight is Maha Shivratri. One of the most powerful nights when the battle stations of good versus dark are in full activation led to victory through the powerful vibrations of the Tandav dance by lord Shiva.

It is a night where he performs his destined role as the destroyer of all that does not serve through lifting the vibration by the divine Jyoti in his meditation.

I received a deep clear understanding of the phenomenon of death.

Death the dead end? No far from it. Death is a new beginning. It is a change of state. It is a gateway to light. It is a completion of the past.

It is a divine clearing that brings together a deep heartfelt connection between families and friends. It strengthens our core. It opens the flood gates and let’s emotions flow.

Death is a passing moment in time. It is an invitation from the creator into the light of our Soul.


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