Today is the opening of the great grand gates of manifestation. We enter the manifestation portal today. Anything and everything that you consciously choose or desire, you manifest from today on.

So it is an invitation to each one of us, to step into our conscious awareness as we step across the grand gates of manifestation today.

Be aware that as you step across, you receive the blessing of manifestation on tap. You order, and the universe manifests and when you don’t notice, it even taps you to receive the gift of your manifestation.

Given this is the new reality, it is important to be aware of what we are asking to manifest. What ever it is, it shall manifest, so become acutely and actively present and aware of your desires.

Conflicts will also manifest, so when you go into “yes but”, or “maybe”, or are unclear or confused or cloudy or change your mind, you will receive that.

So manifestation is the norm. Combining it with expecting and accepting miracles and having that be the norm, brings forth the reality of living an extraordinary life with ease joy and grace.

Its time! Place your orders with awareness and allow yourself to experience the presents, the gifts of your manifestations with presence. Enjoy.

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