Its the 4th of March, the day to MARCH FORTH in our truth, expressing and celebrating who we are. Receiving accepting and welcoming us in our presence whilst being present to all that is.

I randomly came across this message from my mother, given to me by her three years after she crossed over. A relevant guide to the going across the threshold, marching forth on 4th March, 2016:

Message from my Mom: Her message was in Hindi and I translated it, to share with you all.

“Where are you? You’re here, you’re there; you’re searching, and in that search you’re going here, there, everywhere. Standing up, sitting down, creating this unsettling movement in and around you. In this environment of chaos, how can you feel fulfilled?

OK, you may think you won, but what have you really won? Is there anything left of your essence in the way you’ve gone about winning? Or have you just lost, given up on your essence, and gotten sucked into the chaos of life?

The good news is, that the essence of you doesn’t go anywhere. All that gets lost is your connection to it. Practice stillness, and you will feel peaceful automatically.

Be in isness; what is real is what is, everything else is an illusion. Be an observer of what IS. That is the secret to achieving stillness.

So the formula is: isness + being an observer = stillness, results in fulfillment and peace. Now you’re ready to live in your essence.

Living your essence connects you to your divine resolve. It arouses this divine resolve, and when you experience this, remember to be an observer, and ensure you don’t slide into becoming a doer. Being a doer is a trap that keeps you in your ego.

So, whilst being an observer, all you have to do is what is yours to do. What is not yours to do, you don’t worry about it. And celebrate coming alive!

Celebrate each moment. You’re on your path to achieving salvation whilst living out your life. You don’t need to come here to feel free; enjoy the freedom in your land, and you will enjoy love, harmony and peace in every land. This is our blessing for you.

Thank you for being. Thank you for all that is. Just plain, simple thank you.

Hari om” Mynoo Maryel Receiving this wisdom from my mother on the 3rd anniversary of her crossing over, 11th October, 2013


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