“Today I received a deeply insightful reminder of the mantra I was gifted in the Buddha Tooth Relic temple in Singapore on Buddha’s birthday in 2013. “Nityam Aham Brahmasmi” I am eternal soul I am the likeness of God. Nityam Aham Brahmasmi. I am guided to say it aloud and keep doing so feeling into the sensations that arise in my cells as I do so.

Nityam Aham Brahmasmi

These words invoke, activate and energize and actualize me in my core essence. As I say them over and over, they build up the vibrational frequency that is uniquely me in my essence, in my truth. As I keep going with this I become closer and deeper and in complete coherence with all aspects of my being and my physical self comes into communion with my higher self, I become the embodiment of the divine in every facet of my expression and presence.

This is what this Mantra has delivered to me and continues to refine, regenerate and resurge as I rejoice in its sound and resonance. It’s time for me to share this with each of you so you too can resonate your unique frequency the frequency of your connection with your truth. Nityam Aham Brahmasmi. chant it, speak it aloud, sing it, create your own melodies with it. You will know when the chord strikes and you are one with your higher self.”

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