“Spellbound, we often use this phrase when we feels charmed or positively enchanted. We also have a phrase that we apply sometimes, “casting a spell”. Whilst it may seem like a positive thing, the innate quality of a spell is to establish and reenforce boundaries, to such an extent that the being who is spell bound is BOUND by the nature of the spell.

There is no truth in a Spell

There is no truth in a Spell, it is a way of expressing and exercising control without the person realizing that they have now become bound.

A spell, stops people on their tracks, it creates a cloud of uncertainty and dust that makes it difficult to see clearly in any direction, other than the one that is required by the caster of the Spell.

So if you indulge in being a spell caster, know that you open yourself to becoming a victim of one. Becoming Spell Bound locks in the shackles and brings down the prison gates, fills up the moat of the river surrounding your castle and it keeps going until you drown out all your gifts, abilities and desires to emerge into your true self.

This game of exchanging spells, is no longer entertained and its time to release all that has you in its grips, by just choosing, making your choice of freedom and declaring yourself free, to express, who you are in your own unique way.

The stage is set, awaiting your arrival, free from all binds and shackles, open the door and step inside. You are welcome and desired in this new realm of cooperation, collaboration and co-creation. Join us to raise the curtains and let the show begin”

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