I felt reconnected to my time on Angels Landing at Zion Park in Utah this morning and was blessed with this guidance:

“One step forward two steps back, three steps forward one step back, thats just the way when you are living your life. The key is to to keep your sight on the gold and keep in step with the dance of life.

Keeping in step with awareness and vigilance keeps you alive and in the presence of the grace with which all is occurring. When you live your life this way it becomes a seamless flow and bit by bit, even if it feels like a sideways detour you keep etching yours way forward and get to the gold. In our world, the Gold is the intention you choose to attribute to your life.

You were born with one, that is the intention of your soul. Our desire is that you connect to that and that is what you realize, You make the choice, you choose and declare what your intention is for this journey of your soul. As long as you keep moving forward with awareness, intentionality and vigilance, being in acceptance of the grace being showered on you along the way.

You will achieve your goal.”

Angels landing was such a difficult climb that a bishop who made it up there said it is a place where only Angels can land and now 100s of human angels land there every day that the weather permits.

It is a difficult, treacherous trek and I too did it all the way up to the top with my son Sai. It was exhilarating and surprising that I made it up there. It was victory of perseverance and resilience and keeping my focus on the feeling of being on the top of Angels Landing. I get this message, a timely one of all that is occurring around us.

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