Your physical body is only a small fraction of your full beingI connected to the Milky-way early morning today and woke up to a stunning photo from my dear friend Kala who shared this photo of a rendition of the milky way in Egypt. Here is the message being shared with us today from this highly visible collection of celestial objects:

“Your physical body is only a small fraction of your full being. It is the the cumulation of your physical self, your subconscious body, your etherial and your higher self that determines how wide and deep your presence is felt, reacted and responded to.

When all of you is in complete alignment then your presence is powerful, strong, centered, certain and clear for any one to understand and honor. If there is a disconnect in any one or several parts of you, then people, animals and others beings know there is a kink in your armor. You are incoherent and this kink or fracture in your full being becomes a magnet for forces that weaken, distract, demean and deplete you of your self worth and self confidence.

This sets a downward spiral, like attracts like and you rapidly enter the train wreck land of lower vibrations. It’s important to live with awareness and notice the kink or fracture starting to develop. You can close the gap and repair it swiftly through meditations and diaphragm breathing.

The toning of your vagal nerve supports the recovery from this downward spiral in your physical body. The other parts of you get aligned through the celestial white light meditations and tuning into your inner divinity and your celestial support structure.

The milky way is good depiction of the countless beings that are in support of you fulfilling the journey of your soul. Call on us or even just connect to us through your night sky or in photos or even in your dreams. You will receive the perfect level of support and guidance you require at any point in time. We are here in service of you always.

Just ask and it shall be given. You make the choice to allow yourself to receive and accept what you do receive.”

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