“Protect Shield and stay safe or enlighten, enliven and awaken… what do you choose?

Protect Shield and stay safe or enlighten

When you are awakened you see your path, its like, you can see clearly now that you have set aside the umbrella you held high to protect yourself from the rain.

When you step onto your path and start walking it, you are enlivened. The more you keep moving forward walking your path, you remain awakened and enlivened and once you have travelled a certain distance you are enlightened and then there is no turning back.

Every step you take on your path and every breath you engage in, you rise higher and higher aligning and bringing into oneness all aspects of you. At the point of enlightenment you become one with your higher self.

Your divine orb of light bursts open like a starburst and you start beaming far and wide, your presence expands in all directions and you become consciously connected to the full expansiveness of your soul as well as your soul connections in all dimensions.

You claim your choice with certainty clarity and confidence. You exercise your presence and come home to the divine orb within you. You rise so high that all that appeared to be obstacles and blocks shrink to little pebbles and they can just be knocked out to one side.

Your long tall strides are uninterrupted as the full might of all the resources of the universe join you by your side. Awaiting your call, your command, mesmerized by your charm and leadership. All competitiveness set aside, controls relinquished and flow returns.

All resources in tune with your calling, collaborating, co-creating and congregating to accentuate your choice.

When you feel the need to protect, shield and stay safe, as yourself, what are your protecting shielding yourself from, What are you wanting to feel safe from?

You will find at the kernel of all your answers to these questions will be your fear of alienation by expressing the mightiness of your power in your magnificent light. I invite you to make an enriching choice.

Reach out and experience being awakened, enlivened and enlightened. Join me and make the adventurous enchanting choice.”

“TRUST, what does it mean to BE TRUST or BE trusting?

When you are in a state of trust then you stop thrusting. You stop pushing your agenda, your opinions, your evaluations and judgements.

You step into your inner knowing, knowing that all is occurring in perfect timing. All is well, and that which is aligned to your calling is yours for the taking, and that which is not, is not here to stay.

You become deeper and stronger whilst transforming your commitment into resolve. Certainty creeps in, confidence and courage becomes second nature.

Until one day the first Miracle domino falls and the domino effect takes over. You stare back in Awe and Wonder, welcoming and rejoicing and BEING in the Miracle of the moment. Expecting and Accepting Miracles becomes the norm.

Every aspect and every area of your life elevates and is enriched beyond anything you could have specified yourself. Is that worth it? I invite you to make the shift, from Thrust to Trust.”

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