Ride the rainbow, rise above the cloudsRainbows and Phoenix rising is the connection today and here is the message of wisdom coming through:

“Ride the rainbow, rise above the clouds, spread out your wings and scream out loud. State your stake in the ground, declare what you stand for and stop wallowing in all that is wrong all around you.

It’s the declaration that counts of what you are a stand for. As each one of you steps forward and takes a stand to be in your calling and putting your stake in the ground, taking a stand to do what you are called to do in the context of your declaration, you mount the carriage that rides you over the rainbow and into your pot of gold that brightens the world into what it truly is.

A place full of wonder, color, miracles, divinely guided and blessed with a lightness of being that is meant to make life easy. It is meant to BE Easy, and IS easy, only when you come alive in your true essence, embracing and emanating your majestic magnificence. let’s step forward, one person at a time or in groups and tribes, our carriage awaits and the rainbows are ready. Blow the whistle and let the phoenix rise, its time the truth will be shown of its own accord, the spirit of this planet will take care of that.

You just get clear on what do you stand for and make your declaration, put your stake in the ground. That is your ticket into the carriage over the rainbow to the pot, even pots of gold that await patiently for your arrival.”

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