“Seven and Heaven go together. “we are in seventh heaven …. and so on. This year is the Seven year, 1+6=7. This is a heavenly year for us all and I write this as the 70th daily download that I have been transcribing, since I began the Mynoo Maryel page of daily channelled messages.

Seven and Heaven go together

Heaven and hell are both on this earth. We can have either and often experience both at different times in our lives. What constitutes Heaven or Hell can also vary and change based on our circumstances and what we choose to prioritize as our vibrations.

So what if you choose to believe that all there is, is what is, that is the only reality, all else is made up. If that is so then you choose, what you call what is, is it heaven or is it hell. What ever you choose becomes the foundation for your vibrations. It is your vibes that give you your experiences in life.

What about it then, having a heavenly vibe and walking in and out through heavens door, from one heavenly bliss to another. You are pumped primed and ready for a heavenly year, year after year.

This year the energies are such that you have the opportunity to rise and ride its wave and make it the biggest transformation of your life, where ever you arrive, heaven comes with you and magnetizes even greater blissful joy every stop you make, every hop you take.

Make your move today and make it count. Knock knock knock you are on heavens door, its open push it ajar and cross the threshold, step into your dancing shoes, sway sing and swing to the songs of heaven which are the songs of freedom.

It is a heavenly year this year and its here to stay my dear.”

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