To let go, GO. MOVE. When you are struggling to let go of something that is bothersome, an old habit, old pattern, old relationship, memories of the past, something even if you don’t know what that is, could be emotions, triggers, OCD, ADHD or any such other patterns. Movement is the key.

Simply MOVE and LET GO

Each of us has our own unique move that recalibrate and realigns our physical body, emotional body, causal body and etherial body. So if you feel you have something to let go then move physically. You may choose a walk, swim, dance, stretch, sway, cycle, yoga, swing, jump, what ever it is, start moving and stop when you are ready to stop.

Start using your body as your barometer to establish which moves feel the best. Over time you will arrive at the recalibration release move that is your unique ability, giving you the capacity to realign on tap at the click of a finger or even a blink of an eye. MOVE and let go. Stop trying to let go as all that does is keeps you going on and on and on taking you further and further out of alignment. Simply MOVE and LET GO.”

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