“Swimming with the tide or pushing against it. When you push against the tide, we know can be hard work and yet so many of us do this. It’s as if, it provides a proof of our strength or as I have heard people say, it strengthens our core or it complete our karma and others just claim that it is their destiny or its mercury retrograde or its in their stars and so on.

Swimming with the tide or pushing against it

Hey, wake up. The tide is the tide. You are the swimmer and you make your choice to swim or not to swim and in which direction to swim. You allow the water to take you forward in its flow if you choose to swim with the tide. Or you decide you are going to swim against the tide.

You use the strength it takes to keep inching your way forward by seeing it as an indication that you are brave and strong. You use it to mean that you are courageous and will survive. When you make it to the other side, you have a huge sense of achievement and you start the cycle of repeating this again and again in different areas and different aspects of your life.

You spend your time fighting your way through life and there is little or no time to live it and come alive. What have you achieved in doing so. You have achieved a firmly planted belief that you have to work hard to get what you want and you do. Only because you say so. Only because you believe this is the case.

let’s now look at what happens when you swim with the tide instead. You allow the water to carry you. As it does, you remain in flow and you land safely. You strengthen your belief that you are always looked after and cared for.

You retain your vitality and your life force grows as you stay in high vibrations. You start to notice all that is working out for you and you become connected to deep appreciation and gratitude. Your inner peace blossoms and you feel further uplifted.

When the moment is right your heart opens and you immerse in the light of pure love. Joyous and celebrating life in all your might you emerge. You start to rejoice. You become a magnet of more and more experiences, people and opportunities that extend expand and enhance your vibrations.

You step further and further into your light. Life becomes extraordinary with ease grace and joy. You connect to your inner knowing and step into your source, connected and in communion with the Source.

Your soul smiles through your physical body and the world smiles back by showing you with gifts of infinite delights. It’s a chain reaction of rejoicing surprises and experiences.

So ask yourself, what is more courageous, to go with the flow and trust in your knowing or battle and fight or bulldoze your way through?

What is easier, rewarding and honoring of your efforts, a moment of gratification only to step into the ring and fight again or receive the rewards and have the time to enjoy and multiply them.

What do you choose, to swim with the tide or against the tide? What ever you know, I honor you for making it your choice.”

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