The 7 pillars of living an anxiety free lifeWyoming has been entering my world a lot recently and today I know why, its the presence of the Great Teton in my meditation. Here is the message from a place where many of my Ascended Masters, friends and colleagues reside. Another powerful energy vortex on our beautiful blue green globe:

“The 7 pillars of living an anxiety free life. The first part is to understand the root cause of anxiety. It is the habit humans have of focussing their attention either on their past experiences or future plans and their disconnection from the awareness of what is occurring right there in front of them in the moment.

Here is the thing, the past has been and gone, the future does is not in your reality so why the obsession with this. The first step is to bring your awareness into the moment. Then go through and implement the guidance in each of the pillars and you not only have a powerful foundation for an anxiety free life; you have also created a strong support structure and habits that support you ongoingly to remain this way. So now, we present the seven pillars:

Pillar 1: Know that you are never alone. Even if you feel alone, remember that as a soul being you have lived many lives, travelled many journeys and are connected to so many of your counterparts and colleagues here. You just have to connect to your spirit and you will feel the connection to the people you see and meet. You can choose if you want to make contact with them or not. Loneliness, in fact the fear of loneliness is one of the biggest contributors to anxiety and stress.

Pillar 2: Practice the practice of being present. Presence is the key. You achieve this by connecting to the nuances of all that you have right in front of you. Notice and revel in the detail and you will create the cell memory of what it feels like being present. Then live your life with presence.

Pillar 3: Aliveness is unleashed in the moment. When you have mastered the practice of presence you turn the volume up on awareness of the beauty of whats there around you in the moment. Know that there are many moments in a second and many seconds in a minute and so on. Coming alive in the moment and continuing this moment by moment you are unleashed. The pheromones start feeding your every cell with life force and YOU ARE ALIVE.

Pillar 4: Perfection is in embracing imperfection. Perfection and imperfection are two parts of the same coin. The quest for absolute perfection is a major contributor to stress that arises from depleting your own self worth, by indulging in the realm of feeling not good enough.

Pillar 5: Perfection and Beauty is all already here. You embody it within you and if you look closely at even the most imperfect situation or happening or people. You will find that what occurred was a perfect combination of situations that were necessary for the gift of intelligence you were given at the time. You can take any one such situation or personal experience and embrace the perfection of this situation, without question. Then look into it to decipher the gift of intelligence, the insight the nugget of understanding that emerged from it for you. You will be surprised with the perfection and beauty of what occurred and how it served you.

Pillar 6: It’s never to late to nurture your self. We refer to here primarily to the nourishing lessons embodied in traumatic situations that keep coming back to haunt you. Apply the digestion process. Use meditation to focus on the incident. Distill and search for the lessons within that which serve you and allow your body to excrete the rest. You DO NOT need to engage with that which does not serve you. Just excrete it out of you by allowing your body to do the rest.

Pillar 7: Your every experience of life is a matter of your choice. You are always choosing even when you choose to make no choice or choose to give your power away to another, that too is your choice. An incident occurs and you choose to give it the meaning of traumatic or joyous or annoying or upsetting or glorious or uplifting and so on. Then the experience of your life is driven by the meaning you gave it. Once you realize this then, all there is to be done is to BE in the moment, give no meaning to anything and live your life unleashed and alive in the moment. There is no meaning, there is just full blown fulfillment in all that is.”

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