The answer to all and any question you have is already inside of youIn my meditation this morning I received the image of a turtle in the wild this morning and kept receiving the word Khutumi over and over again. The message is a powerful one, so I allowed myself to graciously receive and accept the message I was given to share with you all:

“The answer to all and any question you have is already inside of you. You carry the wisdom from all the infinite journeys your soul being has experienced and the wisdom of the worlds, universes you have travelled through. It is held within you, your cells and the energy vibrations of every nano particle of your being.

It’s only a matter of turning your inner light on, ALLOWING yourself to receive this wisdom from within you and Accepting the insights being shown to you.

The question then is how do you plug yourself in, so you can turn on your inner light?
Breath is the access to doing this. Deep eyes closed diaphragm breathing.

Breath in to the count of 6 and breathe out to the count of 8. Do this in three sets of twenty each.

With each breath in, receive the cosmic light- imagine it is coming into you and with each breath out release darkness cloudiness from your being. By the time you get to the 60th breaking cycle, your insides will be activated and then just BE. Be in yourself, soft gentle breaths and feel the lights start to sparkle within you.

As you are doing the deep breathing sets, put your left palm on your heart and right palm over your navel. And ask your self, whats there for you to know today?

Over time extend your questions to include specific issues you may wish to receive clarification on. Ask, whats there for me to see about this? Whats mine to do in this matter?

In no time at all your capacity to tap into your inner wisdom will multiply and you will know, you are the GURU you have been waiting for. Go on have a go, try this today, tomorrow and every day.”

Mynoo Maryel channeling Khutumi the ascended master avatar of St. Francis of Assisi and Sikh prophet. (I learnt when I checked on google using the word Khutumi)

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