“The platitude of solitude: A remark that has been said so many times and so has no meaning any more…”loneliness kills you”. Sure it does if thats what you believe and want to occur. Solitude enriches you, if you believe that to be the case. Loneliness has become an illness now and often treated like depression.

The platitude of solitude

Here is the clarification we would like to give that may help a little. You may feel as if you are alone and no one to turn to or care for and that spirals into no one cares and so on. The reality is this, as a soul being you have been on many journeys and brought in with you the experiences, connections and agreements made in those journeys when you took birth in this life time.

So if you come from the connection to your spirit, and look around, you will find many many soul mates ready willing and able to play and cocreate this life experience with you. The key is to step into your heart and act with conviction and confidence as you recognize the connections you already have to so many of us.

As you learn to step into the true essence of who you are, you unblock your innate mastery in relating to people. Then it is a matter of your choice to step into this mastery and magnetize your soul friends to you and have the courage to approach them, communicate and connect with them.

The first step is to plug into your inner knowing that you are never alone, never were and never will ever be alone. Then get your logical head out of the way and allow the connections to flow to you, asking your intuition to support you to recognize your friends and give you the perfect words to communicate with them.

Know that you have so many friends that from time to time you will want to make a conscious choice to be in solitude and regroup. It’s time to exercise solitude as a matter of choice rather than feel victim of loneliness.

Every thing that is occurring is a matter of choice, your choice. let’s this time make the choice for you, the choice that is in service of your highest good; the choice to magnetize the perfect people, resources, opportunities and connections that enrich, nourish and nurture you in every way; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A choice that further uplifts your soul.

You are the master of your universe and its time to consciously choose to place your orders so the universe can dutifully deliver it immediately. Step forward and declare your stake, put it in the ground, align your vibrations and see the world transform all around.”

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