“The SOUL is ageless. It has often had many journeys and a variety of experiences. It is rich in knowhow, wisdom, insights and has the benefit of hind sight. It takes birth on this planet and starts its journey on this planet in a physical body of a little baby that goes through its own cycle of growth and matures to become an adult human.

The SOUL is ageless

The baby may be tiny and look vulnerable and not have the ability to communicate in words, the soul that is embodied within it is wise, old aware and present. You can communicate with this soul being as a peer at any age.

To do this you must embrace the fact that we are all magnificent being in human disguise. We have an equal level of magnificence. It’s the human disguise that gets fractured.

Once we adopt the practice of unconditionally accepting all that is, we accept the fractured human disguises of ourselves and that our our counterparts. We immediately connect to ours and their magnificence. This calls forth the magnificence to show up and you are pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately tho’ more often than not people get stuck in the endless loop of judgement and evaluation of the fractures in the human disguise. The interactions between people remain in the superficial realm of the fractures and are often fueled by fear and anxiety.

Rather then engage with the fears and anxieties, we suggest you just step up into your magnificence by just simply unconditionally accepting all that is.

You step into your own majesty and give permission to your fellow humans to plug into their own and the magic of magical connections begins where miracles abound and expecting and accepting miracles becomes the norm.

You see the world for what it truly is; Wonder full, Color full, divinely guided, miraculous and with a lightness of being. You can take off your disguise and fractures disappear as you return home to you to be the magnificent being you already are.

The chain reaction begins, the dominos start falling and one after the other people shed their cloaks of disguise and welcome SEE each other as comrades and partners fanning and fueling each others magnificence. You are in the perfect rhythm and harmony with the music of your souls. Let the dance begin…”

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