“To get in flow DANCE. This is the “Celebration Flow” dance, it is a dance of the body. You do this being led by your your body and through the body you connect to the calling of your soul.

This is the “Celebration Flow” dance, it is a dance of the body

You tune into the rhythms of your body, you connect to the movements your body wishes to take and keep that connection going until you get to a smooth graceful flow.

Then open the strings of your heart and allow your heart to guide the next set of rhythms. As you immerse yourself in this you connect to the unique frequency of you.

Now you are ready to open the box and surge out in your glamorous glory with your move, a formation of steps graceful sways that define you.

You are now in a celebration dance. Honoring and receiving your presence on our planet. Welcome, Welcome Welcome. Try it out and create your signature move.”

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