“This too shall pass, I say a lot and it gives me instant comfort. What is THIS and where shall it PASS to? THIS is all that is not in service of your highest good. Where shall it pass to, it passes on to its own path of light to get transformed or is grounded, taken in by mother Gaia to be assimilated into the full blown vibration of love.

This too shall pass

This only occurs when you make your choice to release, let go and relinquish all control. When you do so, all occurs in flow with ease and grace, leaving you in a state of joy.

Flow is the natural state. Flow is a divine certainty. We interrupt this pattern of natural flow by believing that somehow we have a say in the matter or that WE SHOULD KNOW how to achieve this, that or the other. OR that we NEED to do this ourselves as only WE know what is best for us.

Even these dialogues and thoughts, interrupt the natural flow. The stronger our actions in this direction, the slower the flow, and the experience of life starts to feel harder and harder until it finally stops.

It become a battle of opposing forces. The moment you step in is when you hear yourself using or thinking words such as “SHOULD, SHULD NOT, NEED TO, HAVE TO, MUST, NO WAY, THIS IS IT and so on.

There is nothing definite or fate accompli about the natural flow of ease and grace with which we are to enrich, rejoice and revel in our exquisite, enchanting, gorgeous relationships on this beautiful blue green globe of ours.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS, allow it to, just BE flow, and you will be in your flow.

We each have our own rhythm and perfect timing is in tune with that so that we experience total, absolute EASE and have the time to experience JOY feeling the warmth of divine grace. EASE GRACE AND JOY, are you ready to receive? ALLOW please allow, that is all that matters.

There is nothing to forgive, nothing to forget, only to allow, receive and accept.”

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