As I boarded my flight to Bali I received this message for the 7th day of January so I created a new game for my self, Aircraft seat and stroll dance and danced my way into Bali. I danced so well that by the time I landed in Bali any and all of the final unfinished business internal baggage was ready to be released from my body and field. I had gripping pains in my stomach and intestinal regions, something I have experienced in the past when negative dark energies are leaving my space. I was in the safety of the car being driven by my usual caring driver Dira so I could just be allowing my rainbow brotherhood to do the release work. I was perfect and ready for the clear black sky with loads and loads of sparkling stars, the croaking of the frogs, the fighting gekos and the soft rustling of the leaves with a waft of frangipani scent filling our home. I have arrived. Time to Dance the Vitality dance.

Time to Dance the Vitality dance

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