“Today is the day I was conceived. It’s the day my soul took action on its choice to come into this world through my chosen mother and father. I understand now that this moment of conception is the moment that defines our destiny should we choose to receive and accept the embedded unanswered quests of our parents and our lineage.

This is what determines which of our genes are switched on and the story of inherited habits, diseases and patterns goes on.

This level of dna programming and the “writing is on the wall” or in India “its in our astrology” and so on stories gain hold, like little shackles and hooks that attach themselves to our wings, often making it difficult for us to take off on to our full flight.

We flap our wings a bit and may even fly a little and come into acceptance of living a life of compromise. I understand today that this acceptance of the moment of conception shakes is a phenomenon and we can choose to release them at any time we want.

I received the gift this morning of a complete release and went on a grand tour of my world taking my BIG flight propelled and guided by my light. I returned and as I took my first steps this morning I felt a lightness of being that comes when I am dancing t my beats in the rhythm of my soul.

So here it is in celebration of dance. I was born to fly, create new worlds into beings and dance. If this is so for me, it certainly is so for you too. Try it on and join in, you will find your own beat, keep going and ENJOY” Mynoo Maryel
I loved this video, an uplifting video with the perfect beats to get you moving. Enjoy

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