The hero within is the message this morning:

“You are the hero we have been waiting for. You are the one with the super powers the wings of batman or superman or super woman. You can rise up and fly spreading your beaming light in any situation. Nothing and nobody can hold you down as long as you hold yourself to account. Be accountable for all that you stand for as you are plugged into the truth of the hero that you are.

You are the hero we have been waiting for

It’s time for you to acknowledge your self, to recognize the super powers you have to emerge from any travesty that may strike. You are ever prepared and ready, be in that knowing and allow yourself to receive and accept the tuneups and expansion of the super powers you already have.

You YES YOU are the hero who saves the day, creates new world order and bring about peace in chaos. You are the chosen one, the world is waiting for you to arrive. Welcome and receive yourself as the HERO you truly are.”

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