On International women’s day as we celebrate WOMEN, woman hood and the divine feminine I share this message. Acknowledging and honoring the most precious presence of the divine feminine in action, Motherhood:

“You are your mother

Your own creator.

You give birth to yourself everyday,
give yourself the unconditional love you give your child
Give yourself the best nourishment you can,
give yourself the best in every way.

You are your mother.

The one with the divine wisdom, the infinite understanding,

the one who knows all your needs and desires.

Tap into this and this time give it all to yourself.

You are your mother.

The apple of your eyes,

the most beautiful being you have ever seen.

You always make you proud, even when you reprimand yourself.

You belong, you are loved no matter what.

You bring out the attractiveness of being human

You look after me, comfort me, inspire me and just never tire of me.

You are your mother.

The divine one, the inspiring one, the assertive one, the loving one, the funny one.

The one that makes me smile when I am sad,

The one that knows just what will make me feel good,

The one that brings out the best in me.

Just try this one, shift your relationship to yourself and become who you are to your self- Your mother, the divine mother.

Showering unconditional love, abundance and prosperity on you for all time to come.

When you feel low, just go to you.

You are your mother

Wrap yourself in the comfortable embrace of being with mom.

The comforting warm soup for your soul,

She is always there for you, no matter what, where ever, whenever you want her, just call and there she is, inside of you.

You are your mother

Treat yourself like you would your own child.

You birth yourself, what you have become.

You birth your being in every moment.

Treat yourself with the tenderness, admiration and unconditional love and giving, like you would your new born child.

Remember that look, that tone of voice, that concern, that joy

when the new born smiles for no apparent reason.

You give and give and give, with no expectations at all.

The innocence of that baby fills your heart with joy.

Just makes you want to give even more.

You hear every sound it makes,

You respond to even the slightest call for help,

You are there, just because you want to be,

You are grateful for this bundle of pure joy.

Your heart is singing, your mind is still, letting you do your thing

You are there present, aware, 100% – 100% of the time,

So how about it then?

You birth your being every moment

You are that new born

You are the mother of this beautiful bundle of joy.

Just be with you,

Be the wonderful mother you are to you

You ARE your mother.

Thank you Amma, the mother of all mothers for this precious insight

Thank you Mother, thank you Ma.” Mynoo Maryel

Happy international women’s day. Go team. Go forth and multiply.


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