Spiritual healer, Mynoo Maryel is a corporate leader turned seer, who lives in Bali. Her ‘The BE book’ is an amazon bestseller. In an exclusive interview, she tells us about a seven-day ‘BE’ plan that can help one invite miracles in life, in 2017.

“To BE or not to BE, that is the question. I look around and see busy people going from one task to another, in a rush to win what I call the “do race”. What if, rather than having a “To Do” list, you choose to have a “To BE” list instead? And what if, on that list, you were to select a set of inspiring BE words, words that give you a way of being that invites miracles into your life?,” she says.

Mynoo shares a 7-day BE plan that you can use by choosing your BE word for each day. She says, “Simply BE that way as you go about doing whatever requires to be done. You’ll achieve results more quickly than you had envisaged, plus you’ll enjoy the journey of getting there. By the end of the week, you will start to manifest miracles. Ive handpicked seven BE Words for 2017. I have experienced the power of these and I wish the same for you.”

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