Flow in Relationships


This programme of clearings aims to create a state of perfect flow in all your relationships: your relationship with yourself, with your significant other, with your family, with your ancestors, with your friends, with your colleagues and with others not in your immediate family. A special gathering of  Ascended Masters and other divine beings work with Mynoo to invoke the release, initiate the clearing and activate the flow.

In this series Mynoo releases the shackles and the hooks that hold dysfunctional stresses in place. You may experience an outburst of emotional release or feel the soft, gentle bubbling of anticipated excitement. Go with the flow and complete the series! If you don’t currently have a significant other, the session can clear the space for magnetic attraction to occur.




Session 1

The Foundation

Description: Mynoo introduces the Ascended Masters who will work with you throughout this series. The session uncovers the foundation level blocks, barriers and obstacles that hinder the experience of flow in relationships, and shows you how to maintain that flow on an ongoing basis.

Session 2

Ancestral Freedom: Releasing The Hold Of Your Lineage

Description: A number of self-sabotaging routines are programmed into the subconscious and unconscious. Passed on through lineage, they create an unnoticed pattern sometimes known as a “family curse.” In this session, Mynoo helps you to remove, release, repair and resurrect your freedom from this pattern. The focus is on lineage-related ancestral holds: the inheritance from your current family and any other lineage agreements from past lives that you may have chosen to bring into this human experience.

Session 3

Ancestral Freedom From Ancient Clans And Cultural Tribes

Description: This clearing focuses on the hold of ancient tribes, clans and groups. Mynoo reveals norms that have been locked in place and no longer serve. In the course of this clearing, she encounters elders held in other dimensions to keep these beliefs locked in. They direct, control and maneuver our vibrations and our choices. The elders guide Mynoo and invite them to complete their work, leaving you to emerge into your true self.

This is an intense session. You may experience spinning as you pass through a centrifugal, energetic vibration to separate your true essence from this ancestral clan grouping. You will emerge unleashed, with a lightness of being as weightless as air.

Session 4

Codependency In Your Relationship With Your Significant Other

Description: The next three sessions focus on the release of codependency in relationships. Codependency shows up as low self-esteem, reactivity and poor boundaries that create desperation, upsets and stickiness in a relationship. This session focuses on clearing the triggers and blocks that affect your relationship with your significant other. Even if you do not currently have a significant other, this session will clear the way, preventing codependency in your next relationship.

Session 5

Codependency In Your Family Relationships

Description: This session reveals the triggers, barriers and blocks that affect family relationships. It clears and dismantles them, transforming what is possible. Mynoo works on your relationship with your parents, siblings and other family members. She also clears out the vibrations in the atmosphere that propagate the codependency pattern in family relationships.

Session 6

Codependency In Relationships With Friends, Colleagues, Peers And Bosses

Description: This session clears codependency patterns to create the opportunity for loving friendships and fulfilling relationships at work and in your social circle. The tendency towards codependency damages friendships and creates feelings of resentment and entitlement. It also harms team spirit, contributes to bullying and dominance at work, and propagates narcissistic behavior. Mynoo reviews each of these scenarios and clears any obstacles, dismantling the tendency to codependency.

Session 7

The Relationship With Yourself

Description: The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. In this clearing session, Mynoo tunes into the obstacles, barriers and blocks that come in the way of being truly, madly and deeply in love with yourself. This transformation puts you on the path to becoming whole, complete and in the vibration of love. You’ll be able to magnetize a love that is fulfilling, nurturing and uplifting rather than one that is needy, desperate and clingy. When anything is possible and no obstacles or barriers stand in the way, you will feel invincible and able to seize every opportunity.