Sweet Relief

Clearing and Dissolving Whatever Remains in the Way With Mynoo and the Masters on this Plane and Beyond

What If Something’s Holding You Back That Just Won’t Shift?

(Even If You’re Not Sure What It Is)

Our bodies have been designed to heal themselves. That includes our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. And our mental bodies, plus five other types that we carry with us, all of which are vital to our wholeness and wellbeing.
When all of our bodies are functioning fully and in harmony, our life flows and we can live a life of ease, grace and joy. For many of us, however, this isn’t what’s happening right now.

The True Nature Of What Holds Us Back

For reasons that we’re not quite able to put our finger on, many of us experience one or more areas of our life where things just don’t work as smoothly as we feel they could. You might do all kinds of work on yourself and seek external treatments, but find there are certain aspects that still don’t shift.

So what’s really going on?

What I’ve been shown is that due to the vibrational frequencies we pick up, and the baggage we acquire in our environment and from our past experiences, our circuits become jammed on a deeper level. This can show up in many forms…

It could be an emotional issue. Or it could be a physical health issue (e.g. a tumour in your brain, or high blood pressure, or a fibroid, or recovering from an operation).

It could be with an issue with money that prevents it from flowing as smoothly as it could.

Or it could be a deep-seated relationship issue, with yourself and/or others.

In all of these cases, what I’ve been gifted and experienced directly, and seen working with people around the world that I’ve helped, is that these issues come down to our energetic circuits becoming jammed.

It’s like the early days of computing that I worked in at the start of my working life, when we had punch cards and sometimes even had to move wires around to get things to work properly.

Rebooting and Refreshing Your Circuitry For Ease, Grace and Joy

During my five-day silent retreat at The Palisades several years ago, I was gifted with the understanding of what wellness really means. Rather than simply addressing our physical bodies, I was shown that we actually have nine bodies, nine levels of being, each of which beams out our light from that perspective.

I was also given the gift of being able to see people on all these levels, as if they are an energetic circuit diagram of our life forces.

I’ve been working with people around the world now for several years, clearing the blocks that are holding them back from living fully in ease, grace and joy.

I can see which parts of your circuitry is under-performing, and which parts are switched off. Rather than work on everything, I can see which are the 2-3 areas which require the most immediate work, for the entire circuitry to work much better.

I look at this as abundance, in every area of your life. And it’s about asking:

  • What aspect of what is going on requires to be cleared?
  • What requires to be readjusted?
  • What requires to be recalibrated?
  • What requires to be recoded?
  • What requires to be reconnected?

And I could see the effect it was having on people. Literally, chronic, long-term chronic conditions were being resolved. Emotional trauma that had been there for a long time. Long-standing depressive states were being healed.

Patterns where highs and lows were around emotions, highs and lows around relationships, highs and lows around money were brought into balance.

Community, money issues, things that people have been striving for – for years and years, that people couldn’t quite get past, were also getting recalibrated because of this clearing and recalibration and reprogramming that occurs in a Sweet Relief session.

Sweet Relief From What’s Blocking You Or Holding You Back

In Sweet Relief sessions, I work with you, and I have with me a very powerful team of Celestial Beings that may seem odd to even to even understand. And I would like you to let go of that, because I didn’t understand it either, except that it was happening to me, and it was happening through me.

Through this gift of seeing, unblocking, recalibrating and reprogramming, I am able to shift your energetic bodies so that these issues are cleared. This allows you to fully experience a life of ease, grace and joy.

And each of these major shifts can occur within just one session.

Specific examples of problem areas I’ve helped people unblock include:

  • Chronic health conditions that are depleting your life force
  • A lack of joy in your life
  • Feeling “taken advantage of” or “taken for granted” in your relationships
  • Knowing there’s something blocking your fulfillment, but you just can’t put your finger on it
  • Clouds of confusion
  • Missing romance in your primary relationship
  • Constantly seeking fulfilling (or more fulfilling) relationships
  • A consistent undertone of anxiety and worry that you have trouble shaking off
  • Trying your absolute best to keep moving forward and repeatedly feeling blocked or sabotaged

What You’ll Experience in a Sweet Relief Session

During these powerful sessions, we will:

  • Identify what the obstacles are in your energetic field and understand how they are affecting you.
  • Uncover and release any shackles, energetic hooks, parasites or uninvited “guests” that may be compromising your innate vitality and clarity.
  • Unveil any self-sabotaging programs that have been diminishing your chances of sustainable success and release all forms of lower energetic vibration, whatever is preventing you from achieving a state of optimum vitality.
  • Return you to a state of harmony in your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual being.
  • Free you to allow the healthy flow of abundance — love, romance, health, purpose and prosperity — back into your life.

Depending on your unique situation, your initial session may be brief or it may be longer. A full two hours is allocated; however, please note that it may take far less time to complete the work. (Of course, much more than the precise time we spend together is the intention we jointly set for the session, and the quality of that time together!)

Clearing Sessions with my and my team of Celestial Beings are normally done one time only. I may, however, somtimes be called to work with some people a few times. If this is the case for you, I will let you know during the initial session.

Occasionally, very occasionally, I do these sessions on a one-to-one basis, where it is absolutely necessary. I don’t even have to be with the person. That’s because we are vibrational beings; we can detect is and see it anywhere, and I’m able to tune into you wherever you are.

As I’m doing the clearing session, often I have my eyes closed. And I speak in just plain English. My voice doesn’t change.

Sometimes, I step out of my body and allow the work to be done by a powerful team of surgeons that work through me, and a powerful team of emotional release masters that work through me.

The one thing that remains constant is the powerful, positive effect these sessions deliver. You feel gentle and profound shifts occurring. Blockages melting. Clarity and confidence growing. Quiet awareness of abundance flowing through you in all areas of your life.

This is my gift to you. And now it’s a gift you can give yourself. To make this available to everyone, we’re only asking for a token $10 contribution to our PoEM Foundation, to help fund our valuable work in the world.

So I look forward to seeing you in one of these sessions. Thank you.

Group Sessions

Group clearing sessions are available now!

Upcoming Group Sessions:

$600 / 2 hour session

Sessions are held via Skype or Zoom. Some in-person sessions are available whilst Mynoo is in Bali and Dubai; just note when you register that you are local and we will let you know. Schedule a private session.

Deep Gratitude for our meeting and soul work

“My session today with you was timely and wonder filled. I tire of being a continual spiritual marathon runner with no respite. My work with you tipped the scale into a big Yes for continuing this amazing experiment in life in 2016.

There was a clarity congruency deep truth being able to correlate i with my outer world health and more that is wonderful in your work with me.

Deep Gratitude for our meeting and soul work I love me on ever deepening levels. My life is and has been magnificently magnificent. I am in for another round. Your session and sessions with me have tipped the scales at the perfect moment. I Love-Honor-Appreciate you. My heart is so touched, so very very touched. WOW. Thankyou thankyou thankyou”

Live a life full of miracles!

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