sunset over the water with clouds in the way

Moment by moment “Your mind belongs to your imagination Your memories belong to time Your talents belong to circumstances Your body belongs to dust Your relationships are a result of your experiences Your possessions belong to the earth The MOMENT belongs to you. You leave them all behind when you release from this human form. […]

G as in Ganga

temple in a forest

My cells sparkled after being washed in the gush of the river Ganga. I felt the perfectly formed vibrations in the water flowing through my cells. I visualized the happy snowflake crystals emanating from within me filled with love, kindness and compassion in grace and gratitude as I connected deep within and received the wisdom […]

Come Alive

silhouette of man standing on hill

GOD made the trees. Here they are communicating in all their glory: “The only purpose to life is to come alive. Be alive in each moment, with every breath we take, with every sound we make, with every step we take. Being alive connects us to our spirit and the spiritedness of all that surrounds […]