rainbow bird sitting on a branch

Beauty-full, wonder-full, colour-full, joy-full, awe-full, bliss-full, care-full, cheer-full, grace-full, force-full, gain-full, bounty-full … are each a complete phrase. For example, ‘awe-full’ is something, someone or some place that fills you with awe, rather than awful. Beautiful is full of beauty. Wonderful is filled with wonder. Graceful is blessed full with grace. Forceful is powered with […]

Embrace Yourself

"be you" written in the sand

Embrace yourself and you will never embarrass yourself. When you make the choice to embrace yourself and act on your choosing, you unconditionally accept all facets and aspects of you. Start viewing yourself in a different light, the light of love kindness and compassion. As you do this often, and more often, until it becomes […]