Hope or Pride?

cat sitting with the shadow of a lion

Hope or pride? It’s your choice. HOPE: Humility Openness Possibilities Enchanting When you humbly open up to enchanting possibilities, you experience the joy of hope. Humility is a powerful practice to activate and invoke an experience of being in flow. When you are humble, you automatically harmonize yourself, and allow the magic of life to […]


black rocks being washed over by water

Permission is the permit you give yourself to be on track, following your mission. Permission is an act reserved for you by you. It’s an act we actively engage in at a conscious and subconscious level. We are often giving ourselves permission or taking it away. Only you have the right to exercise this right […]

Happiness is Your Choice

tired old man sitting by a wall

Depleting Happiness. There is only one way of depleting the amount of happiness you allow yourself to enjoy. That is to give over control of your happiness to other people, or to outside circumstances or occurrences. Only you have the power to make you happy. Everyone else is just getting on with what they choose […]

Sharing is Caring

2 girls riding bikes together

Sharing is caring, is the message today. What we mean by this is that if you truly care, you share all that is occurring in your reality with the ones who matter to you. You do so with clarity, directness and in no uncertain terms. It is your prerogative to also ask and receive the […]

Gratitude Commandments

nevada, Fire Valley Rock formation

This message of grace and gratitude that I was given emerged as the ten commandments of Gratitude on the Fire Arch rock formation from Utah. I was showered with gratitude as I awoken to the world, giving thanks for all that is, has occurred and will be. The best moment to indulge in graceful gracious […]

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