Water is the Sap of Life

water dripping out of a faucet

Sap of life: The tree of life and the flower of life are both powerful activators. We wish to talk about the sap of life. The sap of life is water. Just like with the tree of life, ‘as above so below’, with the sap of life, water, ‘as inside so outside’. You are as […]

Take a Stand

man standing in fog wearing a touque

I feel pleased, proud and privileged to be human today. It’s inspiring to see the gatherings around the world of people demanding action on climate change. From the collection of shoes in Paris, where the march is prohibited, to the 8,000 that gathered in Perth Australia, the 30,000 that meditated for peace around climate change […]

Heaven on Earth

angel floating above the earth

I connected this morning to a particular point in the journey of the setting sun when the sun’s rays became a laser sharp beam and here is the message they shared with us: “The laser sharp beam is a light phenomenon and has scientific explanations to keep the busy human intellectual mind occupied. Energetically we […]