Happiness is Your Choice

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Depleting Happiness. There is only one way of depleting the amount of happiness you allow yourself to enjoy. That is to give over control of your happiness to other people, or to outside circumstances or occurrences. Only you have the power to make you happy. Everyone else is just getting on with what they choose […]

Happiness Equation

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Your ‘mission impossible’, should you wish to take it, is to spread the joy of happiness across the globe. Are you ready for this? Here is the guide on how you can go about this: My son, Sai, says “Happiness is an equation. Happiness = Reality- Expectations.” As long as reality exceeds expectations, people are […]

BE Happy

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Snap and be happy; BE happy and snap out of whatever is causing stress. Being happy is a matter of choice. There are many, many triggers that you can use as tools to switch your mode into happiness. It is a state of being you choose and joy returns in spades and spades. It is […]


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Whatever you give energy to, you get more of. You give energy to the joy in a situation and you get more of that. You focus your attention on the gravity of the upset, the distress, the discomfort or the anger in a situation and you get more situations that multiply these emotions. In any […]