Water is the Sap of Life

water dripping out of a faucet

Sap of life: The tree of life and the flower of life are both powerful activators. We wish to talk about the sap of life. The sap of life is water. Just like with the tree of life, ‘as above so below’, with the sap of life, water, ‘as inside so outside’. You are as […]


candle being held by a pair of hands

This message comes from a photograph of a recently fertilized human egg, carrying the message about the origin of life: “The origin of life is in the light; the light that guides the way for the millions of spermatozoa making their way to the waiting egg. It is the bling that sparkles on first contact. […]

Live With Awareness

mountains surrounding lake como

Today we arrived at Bellagio on Lake Como. This is a place we have spent many summers at when my son was little. I have fond memories of walking up and down the beautiful cobbled roads and steps. Today it carried a powerful reminder of the words we choose and the effect it has on […]

7 Pillars of Living an Anxiety-Free Life

odd looking vortex shape

Wyoming has been entering my world a lot recently and today I know why: It’s the presence of the Great Teton in my meditation. Here is the message from a place where many of my Ascended Masters, friends and colleagues reside, another powerful energy vortex on our beautiful blue green globe: “The 7 pillars of […]

Come Alive

silhouette of man standing on hill

GOD made the trees. Here they are communicating in all their glory: “The only purpose to life is to come alive. Be alive in each moment, with every breath we take, with every sound we make, with every step we take. Being alive connects us to our spirit and the spiritedness of all that surrounds […]

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