Be Love

family standing together on a beach holding hands

My sweet Valentine, you make me happy, you make me gay. You fill my heart with smiles, you make me play. You spread my seeds of desire, all obstacles and demons in my path you slay. My lovely Valentine, you are me, my love for me, my beloved and I take comfort in knowing that […]

Love Begins With Loving Yourself

wooden heart painted blue and yellow

Love yourself before you become the love for another. The key is in understanding that you are love. When you treat love as an entity that you provide for another, you become removed from it and keep a distance from it. As a human, your prarabdha, your divine destiny, is love. You are a being […]

Dance to Life

outside of an airplane wing

As I boarded my flight to Bali, I received this message for the 7th day of January, so I created a new game for myself: Aircraft seat and stroll dance and I danced my way into Bali. I danced so well that by the time I landed in Bali any and all of the final […]

G as in Ganga

temple in a forest

My cells sparkled after being washed in the gush of the river Ganga. I felt the perfectly formed vibrations in the water flowing through my cells. I visualized the happy snowflake crystals emanating from within me filled with love, kindness and compassion in grace and gratitude as I connected deep within and received the wisdom […]

Romance is a Way of Being

candle in the shape of a sphere

Love Story 3: We are now entering the realm of the third in a set of 7 love stories. The first was focussed on lust and began with Adam and Eve. The second focussed on self-interest and began at the advent of money as a currency of transaction. Today we start the third love story […]

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