Instructions for Beginning the New Year

girl holding a lit sparkler

Usually the energy of the New Year takes until the Chinese New Year to set in motion. This year it has started kicking in since the 4th of January and by the 10th it will be well and truly set. So it’s no surprise that in my travels I have been receiving short, sharp and […]

New Years Eve

fireworks of the coast of a city

Glowing, grace, generous gratitude, grinding, gladly, growing, gracious completion of the old year. “It’s time to share deep and share wide, acknowledging the contributions made to you and your life by every person, personality, place and happening that occurred in the year just gone. Receiving with thanks the lessons illuminated by them and accepting the […]

New Year’s Day


It’s Mother Gaia today, connecting strongly and sharing her perspective with us as channeled 12th November, the New Year in Dubai: “It’s that time of the year when we guide you to go inside. Inside of you, into the central core of your being. At our core we hold the sun, with its storms, molten […]