Hope or Pride?

cat sitting with the shadow of a lion

Hope or pride? It’s your choice. HOPE: Humility Openness Possibilities Enchanting When you humbly open up to enchanting possibilities, you experience the joy of hope. Humility is a powerful practice to activate and invoke an experience of being in flow. When you are humble, you automatically harmonize yourself, and allow the magic of life to […]

I Am

multiple silhouettes of jumping girls

I am not my emotions, I am not my body, I am not my relationships, I am not my projects, I am not my business, I am not my wisdom, I am not my challenges, I am not my experiences, I am not my stories, I am not my beliefs, I am not my thoughts, […]

Recognize Your Power

lightning falling from the sky

POWER: You are the power that you behold, that you recognize, that you allow yourself to receive and accept of yourself. You are all powerful and how much of this you choose to uphold is up to you. Your power does not diminish; it is strengthened as time goes by. It is up to you […]

Don’t Choose Stress

girl sitting on a bench stressing out

Understanding of stress, hot off the press: Stress is a chosen reaction. It is how we choose to react to any situation, person or place. It is a self-motivated and self-created and self-generated response. You have the freedom to choose your response in any event. You can choose to respond coming from fear and that […]

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