Gratitude is the Key

Rusted lock sitting on a blue-green door

Gratitude in the moment. We are introducing a fresh angle to the practice of gratitude. It is a practice of presence, being present in the moment. When you bring your awareness to the moment, your willful mind relaxes and steps out of the way, allowing you to connect to the perfection and beauty that is […]

The Presence of You

criss crossed palm trees on a beach

BE present to the presence of you. We play small, we duck and dive, we hide and prevent ourselves from being discovered and revealed to the world. Sometimes we even hide in the limelight by showing off our cloaked human disguise. We exaggerate, act out the part we have been given. All because what we […]

The Gift of Presence

two people on a beach together

More on Presence; the value of the gift of presence is in the fulfillment you feel when you practice being present. You develop the capacity to feel the feelings in your experiences. You can just imagine what that could be like when you stroke your pet or just touch the face of your child or […]

Live with Presence

meditating person with colors around them

Now it’s all about PRESENCE. Give yourself the gift of presence. It is the most potent awakening enlightenment device you have ever encountered. You had the choice of presence all along, it was always a choice you could make. We stop being present to ourselves, our presence to the world depletes rapidly and we start […]

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