Light Up Yourself

lamp in the darkness emitting a small light

Be in your element. What does this even mean? What element are we talking about here, when we use this phrase? The element is equivalent to the filament in a lightbulb. It is the element that illuminates when we are plugged into our innate unique glow. It is the element that we shine through. It […]

Embrace Yourself

"be you" written in the sand

Embrace yourself and you will never embarrass yourself. When you make the choice to embrace yourself and act on your choosing, you unconditionally accept all facets and aspects of you. Start viewing yourself in a different light, the light of love kindness and compassion. As you do this often, and more often, until it becomes […]

Redefine DNA

weird colored DNA, molten lava

Today is the day I was conceived. It’s the day my soul took action on its choice to come into this world through my chosen mother and father. I understand now that this moment of conception is the moment that defines our destiny, should we choose to receive and accept the embedded unanswered quests of […]

Find Your Dance

water sploshing into a puddle

To get in flow, DANCE. This is the ‘Celebration Flow’ dance, a dance of the body. You do this by being led by your body and through the body you connect to the calling of your soul. Tune into the rhythms of your body, connect to the movements your body wishes to take and keep […]

Love Begins With Loving Yourself

wooden heart painted blue and yellow

Love yourself before you become the love for another. The key is in understanding that you are love. When you treat love as an entity that you provide for another, you become removed from it and keep a distance from it. As a human, your prarabdha, your divine destiny, is love. You are a being […]

The Presence of You

criss crossed palm trees on a beach

BE present to the presence of you. We play small, we duck and dive, we hide and prevent ourselves from being discovered and revealed to the world. Sometimes we even hide in the limelight by showing off our cloaked human disguise. We exaggerate, act out the part we have been given. All because what we […]

Live with Presence

meditating person with colors around them

Now it’s all about PRESENCE. Give yourself the gift of presence. It is the most potent awakening enlightenment device you have ever encountered. You had the choice of presence all along, it was always a choice you could make. We stop being present to ourselves, our presence to the world depletes rapidly and we start […]

Reconnect with You

pair of feet sitting in the sand of a desert

The message today is an invitation to reconnect. I received it in Hindi and wrote it in my journal. Here is the essence of the message: “We say that the almighty is omnipresent looking over us, knows everything and is taking care of us. This almighty, the all knowing embodied as the energy of God, […]

Rejuvenate Yourself

man sitting on bench above mountains

Our body is the most amazing, the most refined, the most efficient architectural and engineering masterpiece. It has been programmed and tuned to self-correct any eventuality or malfunction. Our cells go through a cycle of birth and death and are recycled every three months. We have a whole new body every nine months when every […]

The Hero Within

lighthouse in the center of a pile of rocks

The message this morning comes from the hero within: “You are the hero we have been waiting for. You are the one with the superpowers, the wings of batman or superman or superwoman. You can rise up and fly, spreading your beaming light in any situation. Nothing and nobody can hold you down as long […]

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