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There is a better way…

Instead of endless striving, doing and chasing, there is a way of BE-ing available to all of us, that provides a simple and natural path to self-liberation. Our current paradigms, however, do not support that possiblity. It requires a new way of approaching life which is available to those who realize that this change is possible.

I went from being stressed out high profile executive, mother and wife to a life of accepting and expecting miracles daily, miracles being things that make your soul sing.

I did this through a series of profound insights and awakenings, and it’s transformed my life to one of happiness, fulfillment and still getting things done, far more gracefully, I refer to it as the BE-ing lifestyle.

These insights have also worked for my private clients around the world, faster and better than anything else they’ve found. It starts with a few simple realisations that are key to self-liberation.

If you’re tired of chasing after answers trying to work out how to do life differently, you’ve literally tried everything, coaches, mentors, walking over broken glass and fire and you’re still not there, then you’re absolutely on the right path today…

Take the “Self-Liberation Litmus Test”, and understand immediately where you are today, and get a map of what your next steps will be to move you towards a more fulfilling, wealthier more natural way of BE-ing.

Learn the four foundations of self-liberation, exactly where you are, and the simple, natural and practical steps to living and BE-ing in harmony with yourself.

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Success Stories

Allowed me to BE here

I am now going to live from a completely different place, relate to myself and others from a different set of values. Thanks to Mynoo, I have learnt how critical connection really is to me. The heart connection release with Mynoo was a colossal shift.

– Selina Mills


Mynoo’s workshops have provided me with serenity. She creates simplistic reasoning and helps you make it all less complicated. Starting now, I have conscious awareness to stop over-thinking my mindset.

– Regina Garcia

Fantastic! Transformative! Supportive!

It’s been fantastic, transformative, supportive, and there has been so much love, support, so much richness, I couldn’t say another word, it has just been fabulous. …Really aligning as who I am as a woman and bringing my gifts out into the world and really living what’s inside on the outside.

– Miriam