As someone who actually met the author years ago (we were introduced by a mutual friend at a business breakfast), I can bear real-world witness to the extraordinary transformation she has undergone, and chronicles so delightfully here in The BE Book.

The woman I encountered was indeed the classic Type A executive and entrepreneur, a near-perfect “success” story, almost ruthlessly focused on getting jobs done and winning at all costs — and likely missing, at least from my perspective, that she might be sacrificing her own heart in the process.

When I inquired (gently) into that, she paused. She spoke of feeling that she’d checked off all of life’s boxes, basically had it all wired, and yet — and it was a pretty big “yet” — there was still something vague and unfulfilled inside. She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

During our chat she shared that it felt like she was desperate for something, even grasping for it, but had no idea what it actually was, or where it might be. Since she’d been so successful by all the external markers, and had mastered pretty much any game she’d ever been interested in enough to attempt, she was baffled. But no matter, she wasn’t going to let it break her stride. By no means. So she shrugged it off and carried on.

I won’t spoil the stories of her breakthroughs, which are told so charmingly and engagingly here. What I will say is that through them, she discovers how to shift herself out of doing mode into being mode, and in the process finds her true (and truly wonderful!) self back.

And that’s when the magic starts breaking out, absolutely everywhere in her life.

It’s been profoundly uplifting for me to read how that powerhouse of a businesswoman I met has now blossomed into her spiritual gifts, which are powerful in another way entirely. As we follow her on her adventures, she becomes a living invitation to the miracles of which she speaks. And at the same time, since she’s so approachable, so human, we can easily see ourselves in her reflection. For me, that is the real gift in this book.

It’s also a great primer, full of useful tools and what she calls BE practices. (While these might seem like 101, they’re really not… especially when I actually do them!) I thoroughly enjoyed The BE Book and look forward to what’s to come from Mynoo Maryel, as her inspired and inspiring journey continues to unfold.

Highly recommended.

Live a life full of miracles!

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