It’s no mean feat to live a rich life that truly resonates with who you are. You’d think the genuine answers would be easy to find, but they’re not. (And boy, is there a lot of misinformed or ill-suited guidance out there.)

In my experience, a workable solution has to be based on fundamental wisdom that you can understand, relate to and apply to your own everyday situation. That’s what I love about Mynoo Maryel’s BE Book: it’s a practical and inspirational field guide to reclaiming your true life and identity, in a very real way.

Mynoo has done a brilliant job of sharing her transformational journey from a stressed-out high-flying executive to living with grace, ease and creative productivity. She then walks through a series of practices and tools that I know from experience deliver profound results. And finally, she backs this up with case studies to show her approach in action. I rarely endorse anything or anybody, but I believe Mynoo Maryel is an authentic breath of fresh air, providing genuine clarity for you to find and walk the life path that works best for you. Highly recommended.

Live a life full of miracles!

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