Mynoo Maryel’s writing and the BE Book flows beautifully and perfectly. I am surprised and enthralled by Mynoo’s quality and depth of self-expression and the grace, ease, contribution that comes through clearly and is shared with her readers – via every precious word, life story, insight, suggested exercises/daily practices. Mynoo has produced a winner – a major contribution book aimed at each of us creating and living extraordinary lives daily by BEing versus putting all of our primary attention on Doing. I am totally moved, touched and inspired, each time reading the BE Book. I find myself keeping it in a convenient place, for easy access – picking it up to re-read one of Mynoo’s life stories or concept; to follow a suggested meditation; to use a BE Word definition that is there to be used or to inspire the reader to come up with his/her personalized BE word definition.

I have always “gotten” Mynoo intuitively, knowing her personally for over 20 years. Mynoo has always resonated with me. Yet, while reading the BE Book, I astonishingly continued learning both about myself, my life, my evolving life journey and Mynoo’s life, her evolving life journey through her targeted and engaging, often magical sharings of her personal experiences, transitional life stories, epiphanies; openings for new approaches; life lessons that provide us with most useful insights, discoveries, understandings at the moment or years later . I am 100% proud of Mynoo, especially as I have a good idea of what it took her to travel her journey and to express herself through her authoring of the BE Book. It is essential for the reader to be aware that shifting our lives to living extraordinarily, including fulfilling our deepest desires and dreams can be expected to be challenging and can seem like ‘hard work’ – including our human struggles. The BE Book is an example of learning that it is human; perfect and “all is well”; and that the evolutionary process of walking our paths consistently and powerfully includes stepping into our Source; honoring of ‘you’; showing up in our full light; being present to the miracles all around each of us; and practicing BEing moment by moment.

Even knowing Mynoo, her power and empowering ways; what she is about and up to creating in the world, for individuals, Mynoo Maryel as an author has unexpectedly surprised me by the beauty, flow, and the difference she can make for each person opening up the BE book for him and herself. The structure is also well done, again marvelous. It all works effectively together.

Live a life full of miracles!

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